SJSU Community Engagement Programs/Projects

  1. Alternative Spring Break
    ASB takes students, staff, and faculty to domestic and international destinations to work with local communities to meet their needs while learning about issues they face.
  2. Ashoka Changemaker Campus (pending for 2011)
    Ashoka is a social entrepreneurship program which practices ways of creating systemic solutions to social problems using innovative, sustainable, scalable, and measurable approaches to shape a global, entrepreneurial, competitive citizen sector one that allows social entrepreneurs to thrive and enables the world's citizens to think and act as change makers.
  3. Civic Engagement
    Voter registration drives and candidate forums facilitated by Political Science students.
  4. Fuerza Escolar
    Established by Associated Students in July 2005, the Cesar E. Chavez Community Action Center (CCCAC) connects SJSU students with community service opportunities that deepen the educational experience while promoting the lifelong commitment to civic activism at the heart of the Cesar Chavez legacy.
  5. Global Leadership Advancement Center
    Funded by the Donald and Sally Lucas Foundation the Global Leadership Advancement Center (GLAC) has a mission to advance the field of global leadership and disseminate best practices to help students, managers and organizations function more effectively in today's international work settings.
  6. Growing Sustainable
    Healthy food access, nutrition education, including building of food growing gardens in the homes of low income families.
  7. Gulf Coast Civic Works Project
    This national effort is initiated by SJSU Community Change Concentration students advocates for federal legislation to create 100,000 jobs for Gulf Coast residents to rebuild their communities, restore personal empowerment and hope, and restore faith in government. Faculty and students conduct press conferences, engage the Gulf Coast residents, coordinate efforts with other universities, and communicate with legislators.
  8. JusticeCorps
    Funded through AmeriCorps grant JusticeCorps program is an innovative approach to solving one of the more pressing issues faced by courts around the country today: providing equal access to justice. JusticeCorps recruits and trains 250 diverse university students annually to serve in overburdened legal self-help centers throughout California.
  9. Internships in Non-Profit and Public Sectors
    The Career Center can direct students into semester and year-long internships in non-profit community-based organizations and in the public sector, specifically with the City of San Jose. These internships in CBOs and City government raise awareness of public sector initiatives and engage students in higher level civic works.
  10. Intimate Violence Prevention Training
    Workshops facilitated by Psychology students.
  11. I THINK
    I Think is a student-led program enlightening the community about social issues, cultivating community engagement, and fostering community-building leadership. Previous workshops include: Service Planning, Community Media Community Awareness Tour and Seminar, Getting Engaged with My Community, and Equality and Education.
  12. McKinley Late Nights
    SJSU students provide mentoring, recreation and enrichment activities for gang impacted teens.
  13. Project SHINE (Students Helping In the Naturalization of Elders)
    Project SHINE at San José State University is an intergenerational and intercultural community learning program. SHINE links community learning students with older.
  14. Safe and Green Halloween
    Community fair organized by Hospitality and Recreation and Urban Planning students, providing children and their families safe and green alternatives to celebrating Halloween.
  15. S.A.V.E. (Students Against Violence Everywhere)
    SAVE is a student driven organization provides public education to prevent relationship violence by developing unique informational pamphlets, disseminating printed information at both campus and countywide events, conducting workshops, and evaluating current intervention efforts.
  16. SJSU Day of Service
    The event brings together students, staff, faculty, families, and community members to enhance the area surrounding SJSU through projects that will take place in local schools, parks, and neighborhoods
  17. STRIVE
    STRIVE is an innovative college mentoring program that connects motivated, low-income high school students with undergraduate mentors, who guide them through the college application process and into enrollment at four-year universities and colleges, providing them with opportunities and resources to break the cycle of poverty forever
  18. Student Led Campaigns
    CCCAC staff work with other student leaders identify areas of common concern, research the influencing factors, and craft innovative solutions that sometimes develop public policy campaigns.