Below is a list of previous events for the academic year 2012/2013. Come join our community engagement or social justice related events or sign up our courses to put your learning into actions.

Past Events:

GLST 187: Global Citizenship, 1/12 - 5/12

Soci164: Social Action, 1/12 - 5/12

Service Learning and Community Engagement Awards, 4/27/12

CACC and CSU Brown Bag Webinar, 3/1/2012

CommUniverCity Community Meeting, 12/14/11

Poverty Under the Stars, coordinated by Soci Community Change, 11/10/11

The 5th Annual Day of Service, 11/4/11

SJSU Legacy Week, coordinated by CCCA, 10/17/11

Neighborhood Development Training Conference, 10/8/11

Community Connections 2011 Fair and Workshops, 9/7/11

SOCI 120 course: American Dream Challenges: Sustainability in a Changing World, 8/11 - 12/11

Course 157: Community Action and Service, 8/11 - 12/11


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Financial Literacy for Community Development