Faculty Rights Committee

The Committee

Faculty Rights Committee Chair

Wenbin Wei (Aviation & Technology)
(408) 924-3206

Committee Members

Scott Fosdick (Journalism & Mass Communications)

Paul Kauppila (Library)

Marilyn Easter (Marketing & Decision Sciences)

Kevin Moore (Linguistics & Language Development)

Sang Kil (Justice Studies)

Sharmin Khan (Linguistics and Language Development)

Jason Laker (Counselor Education)

Getting Help

Contact the Chair of the Faculty Rights Committee and the Faculty Rights CFA Staff Representative if you believe your RTP and/or contractual rights have been violated and need advice. The Chair or a member of the Committee assigned to the case will investigate and then consult with Committee members in order to develop a strategy. If you file a grievance, CFA will ensure that you are not alone throughout the process. Please contact CFA as soon as you become aware of a potential contract violation, as there is a strict 42-day deadline to file grievances.

For more information on filing a grievance and for a downloadable grievance form, check the CFA Grievances page.