Frequently Asked Questions

California Faculty Association LogoDetermining Membership Status

Q: How do I know if I'm a CFA Member?

A: If your paystub deduction says “DuesCFA” or “CFA-Mem” then you are a member. If your paystub says “FS-CFA” or “CFANonMem” then you are probably not a CFA member. Note: If you have had any break in service, members will often have a single month of non-member deductions when you return. If this happens two months in a row, it means you are not a CFA member and should submit another request to join the CFA.

Q: What are the deduction codes related to CFA that appear on my paycheck?

A: Dues-CFA or CFAMem: This is a normal CFA Active Membership Dues Deduction, and indicates you are a CFA Member. FS-CFA or CFANonMem: This is the "FairShare" deduction. This is the deduction for people who are not CFA Members.

Q: What is the cost of CFA membership compared with the non-member “Fair Share” deduction?

A: The cost of CFA dues is the same as the fair share cost. The only additional deduction for CFA members is a $5 or $10 deduction for the CFA Political Action Committee, depending on income. CFA-PAC contributions are important, because the CSU is a publicly-funded university system whose budget is determined by the state legislature, and the CFA-PAC is the vehicle for influencing the state legislature to insure adequate funding for the CSU. Dues payments and contributions to CFA-PAC are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes; however, CFA dues are deductible as miscellaneous itemized business deductions on your federal taxes.


Q: Who can become a CFA Member?

A: Unit-3 employees of the California State University (CSU). This includes professors, lecturers, librarians, counselors, and coaches who teach in the CSU system.

Q: I haven't worked at the CSU for a few months. Do I need to sign up as a CFA member again?

A: If you have signed up once before as a CFA member, your membership dues will automatically be reinstated when you return (your first or second paycheck). There is no need to submit another membership form. However, if you have moved home or office, please update your address/phone/email by using the “Update Information” button at the CFA Help Desk.


Q: When is my paycheck issued?

A: CSU Paychecks are issued by the State Controller's Office (SCO) at the endof the month (e.g., you receive your January paycheck around February 1). Academic semester pay is disbursed in six equal monthly installments, as follows: Fall semester paychecks are issued beginning with the October 1 paycheck, with the fifth paycheck being issued in February. The sixth paycheck for Fall semester isn't disbursed until the following September 1. Spring semester paychecks are issued sequentially beginning with the March 1 paycheck, with the sixth and final Spring paycheck being issued on August 1. The last (i.e., sixth) paycheck from Fall semester is issued on the following September 1.

Q: When will my CFA membership take effect?

A: If your paycheck is in the payroll system on time, and your membership form was received by the 8th of the month, you should see your dues deducted with the next paycheck. Otherwise, it will take one additional month. For example, if you submit a request to join CFA on January 9, you may not see a “Dues-CFA” deduction until your February paycheck, which is issued around March 1.