Work Life Balance


On any given day, a typical faculty member may find themselves interacting with hundreds of students and dozens of professional colleagues while trying to prepare for classes, work on their scholarship, and help address pressing campus issues.  While our lives are structured by the natural rhythms of the semester and the academic year, every day brings unexpected twists and turns.  Balancing the demands of our work with those of our personal lives can be challenging. The Center offers a variety of workshops and informational sessions as well as mini-retreats and individual consultations to assist faculty in this important and often overlooked arena.

  • Financial Literacy Modules
    Few of us have had much formal training in financial planning. But decisions we make throughout our careers can have a significant impact on our financial circumstances. With the generous support of an American Council on Education (ACE) /Sloan Foundation award, we have developed a series of Financial Literacy modules (videos and PDFs), to help acquaint you with some of the key concepts and resources in this area.
  • Family Matters
    With the generous support of an ACE-Sloan Faculty Career Flexibility award, SJSU compiled the Family Matters web-site, designed to help members of the university community locate resources and information pertaining to a variety of "family" topics.