Financial Literacy Series


Few of us have had much formal training in financial planning. But decisions we make throughout our careers can have a significant impact on our financial circumstances. With the generous support of an American Council on Education/Sloan Foundation award, we have developed a series of Financial Literacy modules, to help acquaint you with some of the key concepts and resources in this areas.

Authors of the Series: Stoyu Ivanov and Marco Pagani, Accounting & Finance, Lucas College and Graduate School of Business

All the modules in this Financial Literacy series were created for faculty, funded by a "Transition to Retirement" award to SJSU from the American Council on Education.


Overview of the Modules (3:09)

Financial Literacy: Introduction (6:45)

Introduction [PDF]

Module 1 of 5: Time Value of Money  (16:02)

Module 1 Presentation [PDF]

Module 2 of 5: Paystub and Benefits

Module 2 Presentation [PDF]

Module 3 of 5: CalPERS Retirement Benefits (24:24)

Module 3 Presentation [PDF]

Module 4 of 5: Supplemental Savings Programs (13:07)







Module 4 Presentation [PDF]

Module 5 of 5: Guidelines and Tips for Retirement Savings (21:11)

Module 5 Presentation [PDF]


More information and tools on Transition to Retirement Planning such as the Interviews with Retired Faculty, Early Retirement Program (FERP) Calculator, etc.  in Our Career and Planning page.