Collegial Conversations


One of the goals of the Center is to help nurture a culture of inquiry and intellectual engagement throughout the campus. To that end, we support numerous informal working groups and professional learning communities that convene to explore ideas and to forge research and teaching partnerships with colleagues across and beyond campus.

We also host and co-host series of Lunch-and-Learn sessons designed to help you to learn about campus information, to enjoy the company of colleagues from all across the campus, and to make sure you have a nutritious and delicious mid-day meal. Events for the coming year are listed below alphabetically. Please sign up for any and all that look interesting.

Faculty Writing Series

The CFD and the University Library are delighted to co-sponsor this lunch-and-learn series of events.  We will share cutting edge tools and information and resources, to help you advance your scholarly and creative work.

Helping Students in Distress Series

Have you had a student share information about a personal crisis, mental health challenges, have you noticed concerning behavior inside the classroom?   Our campus has many resources for students, but sometimes it can be hard to navigate what resources exist, and what you can and should do, at your levelWe invite you to attend this series of lunch-and-learn sessions, co-hosted by the Student Affairs and the Center for Faculty Development.  

Promoting Academic Integrity Series

Faculty often encounter situations where students have violated the policies and expectations pertaining to academic honesty and integrity.  In some instances, students may simply have not known the rules.  In others, they opted to violate the rules, for one reason or another.  Please join us for a sessions where we discuss campus rules and polices, and where we consider ways to adjust to your teaching and assignments to reduce the ikelihood that students will cheat in the first place. 

SJSU Cares Series

Have you had any student dealing with any emergency or situations outside of the classroom that may impact their academic success? Our campus provides many resources and support services to students in need. We invite you to attend our Lunch and Learn sessions, co-hosted by the SJSU Care Team and the CFD to learn what you can do to help.

Textbook Adoption and FacultyEnlight Series

At this informal session, co-hosted by the Spartan Bookstore and the Center for Faculty Development, you will learn many features of FacultyEnlight, the portal for researching, selecting and ordering instructional materials for SJSU courses. You can also find out what others teaching the same course have adopted elsewhere and compare costs for students.  Learn why selecting your instructional materials EARLY helps our students as well as the staff in numerous offices who support them. 

Working with the SJSU Career Center

Co-hosted by the CFD and the SJSU Career Center, this session will include: an overview of the range of career-exploration services and resources available to students; a discussion of ways to integrate career development into the classroom and to more thoroughly engage students with their academic work; consideration of ways to help students achieve important learning goals as they build career-relevant skills and ways to help promote a constructive disposition toward 21st century career opportunities. 

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Additionally, we invite you to peruse several "Birds of a Feather" data bases, to locate colleagues with whom you might like to connect.