Helping Students in Distress Series

Have you had a student share information about a personal crisis, mental health challenges, have you noticed concerning behavior inside the classroom?   Our campus has many resources for students, but sometimes it can be hard to navigate what resources exist, and what you can and should do, at your levelWe invite you to attend two lunch-and-learn sessions, co-hosted by the Student Affairs and the Center for Faculty Development.   

See Something Say Something Do Something

As a new or seasoned employee do you know what behaviors to look for that might mean a student or employee needs support or resources? Do you know who to consult with if you see disturbing writing/words in an email, social-media posts, or in a group discussion? What is your role in duty to report? This session will allow participants to better understand our SJSU Red Folder resources and Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT). We will discuss characteristics and examples of distressed and disturbing behavior to look for, techniques to address at your level, how to consult and document incidents so that we can collaborate as a campus to reduce threats and better connect individuals to resources. Presented by: Ben Falter, Senior Student Affairs Case Manager, Chair, Behavioral Intervention Team & Cat Fillmore, Housing Case Manager

Dates and Time: TBD

Visit Events page to register. Lunch will be provided.

Beyond Classroom Management: Knowing When to Assist and Consult with Others

Faculty attending this session will work with campus case managers reviewing realistic scenarios involving students in distress in the classroom.  Building upon knowledge of campus resources, faculty will practice how & when to reach out for assistance.  Come work through practice scenarios, ask questions, and refine your skillset on assisting students who may be experiencing moments of distress. Presented by:  Ben Falter, Senior Student Affairs Case Manager & Cat Fillmore, Housing Case Manager

Dates and time:TBD

Asking Next Level Questions in Difficult Student Situations

Faculty will learn how to ask more directive questions to provide more comprehensive support for students.  We aim to not only clarify what questions you can and can’t ask a student related to difficult personal life situations, but to give you ideas on what those questions and follow up conversations can look like.  Come work through next level questions to ask, talk in person with campus case managers about situations you’ve experienced, and share what has worked well for you in the past. Presented by:  Ben Falter, Senior Student Affairs Case Manager.

Dates and time:TBD