Past Collegial Conversations

Breakfast Club and Tea & Talk Programs

Come start the day or take a break and learn about the fascinating projects your colleagues have under way. At each "Breakfast Club" and "Tea & Talk" meeting, one or more "featured presenters" provide(s) a quick thumbnail sketch of their current work, and then we open things up for a general conversation. We provide coffee, tea and carbohydrates.

Diversity Speaker Series

Please join us for a series of campus-wide “Diversity Speaker” presentations and workshops sponsored by the Office of the Provost, the Office of Faculty Affairs and the Center for Faculty Development.  Our aim is to engage the campus community in meaningful conversation, as we strive to achieve better understandings of who we are, what we share, how we differ, and how we can learn about and from each other. 

Educated Person Dialogue

Facilitated by Annette Nellen, Faculty-in-Residence for Educated Person Dialogue; Professor, Accounting & Finance

Educated Person Dialogue is part of the Campus Dialogue that began in 2003, on what it means to be an educated person and what more we can be doing to help our students on their journey of lifelong learning.  Brown bag discussions/ workshops are held in each semester. Please come to as many as you can to share your ideas with others and to learn more about ways we can all help to further enrich the educational experience of SJSU students. Bring a friend. 


Fellowship for SJSU Faculty Women

An opportunity to listen to women faculty on campus share their research interests, achievements, and to create much-needed conversation about faculty interests on campus.

Points of Pride

An opportunity to explore many of the hidden - and not so hidden - treasures at SJSU.

Understanding Our Students Series

Like snowflakes, no students are exactly alike – they differ enormously in how they learn best, how they respond to constructive feedback about their performance, how and why they do or don't make use of their instructors and other resources to help them in their classes.  This series consists of monthly discussions where panelists/speakers with expertise with respect to a particular segment of our student populations can help faculty (and staff) better understand issues and needs that pertain to that segment of our student body as well as campus resources available to them.  Come explore some ways to figure out what might work best in your classes.