Emeritus and Retired Faculty Association RSCA Award


The award was created by SJSU ERFA (Emeritus and Retired Faculty Association) to support scholarly research and creative activity that advance the careers of faculty applicants.

Faculty eligible to apply include tenured faculty and lecturers with more than 6 years of continuous service to SJSU. 


How to apply:


Past award recipients:


  • Wes Maciejewski - Department of Mathematics and Statistics
  • Gilles Muller - Department of Chemistry
  • Melinda Simon - Department of Biomedical Engineering


  • John Gieng. Department of Nutrition, Food Science & Packaging
  • Yoon Chung Han. Department of Design


  • Ruma Chopra. Department of History
  • Alan Soldofsky. Department of English & Comparative Literature
  • Ningkun Wang. Department of Chemistry


  • Nicole Dubus. School of Social Work
  • A.J. Faas.  Department of Anthropology


  • Faustina DuCros. Department of Sociology and Intedisciplinary Social Sciences
  • Katherine Harris.  Department of English & Comparative Literature


  • Patricia Albers. Department of Art and Art History
  • Emily Chan, Christina Mune and Kathryn Blackmer ReyesMLK Jr. Library