Inclusive Teaching

Who Are Our Students?

The student body of today is diverse in many ways including socio-economic, race, ethinicity, gender, and age. Our students also vary widely in terms of their physical, sensory, learning, attention, and communication abilities. Effective teaching accommodates the needs of all students.

We've asked SJSU faculty and students to share their expereinces about their inclusive teaching practices and learning experiences. Visit Understanding Our Students to learn:

Distribution of students with disabilities

Teaching Resources

Engaging for Success Summer Teaching Workshop

This three half-day workshop is designed to help you (re)design teaching activities and materials that are best-suited for the wide variety of learner profiles and needs of the students in your classes.  Workshop activities are grounded in the Universal Design for Learning Framework.  Participants will emerge with drafts of curricular materials to be implemented in a course they plan to teach the following semester.  Participants must sign up in advance.