Faculty Learning Communities

What is a Faculty Learning Community (FLC)?

faculty learning community (FLC) is a group of faculty members, typically 8 to 10 in size, that engages in collegial conversation and inquiry around a topic of mutual interest over a relatively extended period of time. At SJSU, faculty participating in such learning communities spend the semester or the year addressing questions pertaining to student learning, teaching effectiveness, and the like.

The work scope of an FLC may include any or all of the following: (a) discussing readings pertaining to the topic; (b) engaging in research pertaining to the topic; (c) designing, implementing and assessing instructional activities pertaining to the topic; and (d) larger-scale course re-design. Such in-depth and sustained collegial interactions help nurture the professional engagement and revitalization of participants.

The Center for Faculty Development staff, in collaboration with various SJSU partners, will provide research and instructional design support for each FLC, as appropriate.


FLC Topics from Previous Years

Community-engaged Learning and Service Learning
Enhancing Student's Reading
Inclusive Teaching
Teacher Scholars Program


Resources about FLC

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