Teaching and Learning


Our collective mission at SJSU is to serve our remarkably diverse student body, supporting them as they strive to realize their educational potential.  

IDEAS: Instructional Development for Equity, Accessibility and Success

Our IDEAS program provides faculty an opportunity to receive support on their course design, pedagogy, syllabus, created lessons/modules, and other elements of their instructional assignment.

Faculty Learning Communities@SJSU

Faculty Learning Communities (or FLCs) create spaces for small groups of 6-12 faculty to learn, grow and experiment in relation to a shared commitment or goal. Faculty learning communities support a return to the foundations of teaching by inspiring and empowering faculty to pursue projects that are germane to the institution with regard to student success, teaching and learning.

Creating Caring and Respectful Teaching and Learning Communities

The resources provided here are intended to help faculty in identifying ways to create welcoming and intellectually engaging learning environments well-suited to our diverse student population.

Accessible/Inclusive Teaching

The information listed here is intended to enable faculty to design and develop course activities and materials that are inclusive and accessible for all students.

Developing Your Teaching

The programs and opportunities listed here are intended to enable participants to explore, develop and select teaching strategies and activities that are best suited to promoting student success in achieving course learning outcomes.