Conducting Research on Teaching and Learning


Two of the distinguishing characteristics of the SJSU faculty are the thoughtfulness with which they approach their teaching and the willingness they have to adapt their instructional strategies to best meet the needs of their students. The staff at the Center is here to assist those of you interested in taking things one step further, and help you find venues to disseminate your insights and your good work.

We would be happy to help you find scholarly resources pertaining to teaching and learning in higher education settings, and we would be happy to help you develop and implement a study of some aspect of your own teaching. We can connect you with others with a similar interest, or we can offer you individual support. Please contact us any time (

Below, we provide links to three other institutions' compilations of outlets for the scholarship of teaching and learning.

Kennesaw State's Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning

The Learn Center at University of Wisconsin, Whitewater

The Center for Teaching and Learning, University of North Carolina, Charlotte