Teaching During COVID-19 Resources

Updated on 18 August 2021

Your colleagues in CFD and eCampus remain ready to support you in your work this semester.  Here we have assembled resources related to teaching and learning during the COVID-19 pandemic.  If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us at cfd@sjsu.edu.

You will find useful resources for your students on SJSU’s Learn Anywhere website, including information about where students can study on campus.

You will also find useful resources related to teaching remote, hybrid and online courses on our Remote Teaching Resources page, SJSU’s Teach Anywhere website, and SJSU’s eCampus website.

  • Managing Student Mask Compliance for COVID-19 Health and Safety [pdf]
    • Here you’ll find a concise review of the steps you can take to manage student expectations regarding and maintain compliance with indoor masking requirements.
  • Optional COVID-19 Awareness Canvas Quiz  
    • You may find it helpful to encourage your students to review the most current information regarding SJSU’s COVID-19 safety protocols available on the Health Advisories website. We recommend including this exercise as a practice quiz in your Canvas course shells. This quiz can be a conversation-starter with/among students about SJSU-specific practices and policies, including how to stay well this semester.
  • Teaching During Covid Resource List
    • This collated list provides articles, videos, podcasts and websites that will help you strengthen your instruction during the COVID-19 pandemic. Note: This list is not exhaustive (and we welcome your suggestions).
  • Camera Conundrum:  How Can I Engage Students in Zoom? [pdf]
    • Teaching via Zoom, Meet, and other synchronous meeting platforms is still relatively new to most of us.  See this guide for strategies for how to make the most of your time with students, no cameras required.
  • Promoting Teaching Excellence [pdf]
    • Accessible, equitable and inclusive learning environments are essential to student success, regardless of modality.  This guide highlights the needs of SJSU students as reported on the Fall 2020 Student Success Survey and offers easy-to-implement strategies for supporting empathy, flexibility, and social interaction.