Collaborative Learning


Collaborative Learning is a technique where students team together to produce a meaningful project. Students can learn a great deal by working collaboratively with others. There are generally three different types of learning group: informal, formal and team based.

Informal groups are short termed projects (ad hoc) where students are assigned a topic and/or discussion by the instructor to be completed during or at the end of class session. Formal groups on the other hand generally last for several weeks and deals with a specific purpose on a particular project to be accomplished. Team based typically last the entire semester and requires more complex planning.

Benefits from collaborative learning include: students learn to work with all types of people, promotes active engagement with material, critical thinking and communication skills and much more.

Although forming and facilitating success collaborative learning groups may be challenging, here are some concerns to be aware of: students perform at different speeds, balance of power, dealing with difficult people, the level of contribution and etc.

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