What does the College of Graduate Studies do?

Graduate Student Support

  • Manage university-wide financial supports for graduate student research and education, including assistantships, fellowships, scholarships, and awards.
  • Organize events that enrich the academic, career development, and student life opportunities for graduate students.
  • Help graduate students navigate challenges that affect their academic progress.
  • Provide students, faculty, and graduate advisors with information related to graduate education.

Graduate Admissions and Recruiting

  • Manage graduate student admissions, in partnership with departments, through our Graduate Admissions and Program Evaluation team.
  • Manage enrollment targets and graduate student recruitment in partnership with CPGE and departments.


  • Represent the needs of graduate students and graduate education in university decision-making committees and bodies.
  • Highlight graduate student research, scholarship, and creative activity both externally and at the university.
  • Serve as a liaison between SJSU and the national and international organizations involved in graduate education.
  • Partner with University Advancement to raise the visibility of graduate education and the opportunities for investment with private donors, and corporate and government leaders.
  • Foster inclusive communities within all graduate programs.

Graduate Curriculum and Policy Matters

  • Work with the Curriculum and Research Committee of the Academic Senate to develop university policies related to graduate education.
  • Convene faculty and student advisory groups to identify opportunities for university-wide enhancements for graduate students and to graduate education.
  • Work with colleges and departments to develop new graduate programs.
  • Work with graduate programs to promote data-informed decision-making, program improvements, and innovations.

Academic Evaluation and Oversight

  • Review and certify graduate student completion of degree requirements through our Graduate Admissions and Program Evaluation team.
  • Participate in periodic program planning evaluation of all university graduate programs.


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