Graduate Student Orientation

You are invited to our Welcome to Graduate School orientation series. This extended compilation of videos and webinars, which replaces our traditional in-person orientation, will inform you of university-wide policies and resources beyond those of individual departments and colleges. Importantly, this series will help to establish you as an integral part of our SJSU community. Our multi-part series of videos, webinars, and seminars will allow you to absorb essential information easily and conveniently. The series will span the weeks leading up to the first day of classes and continue throughout the semester.

This series will include sessions on the following topics:

  • Graduate School: Different Expectations, Different Mindset
    Students discuss their experiences transitioning to graduate school, including the challenges they faced and the tips they wish they had known as a new student themselves.

  • Online Learning at SJSU
    San José State offers a wealth of tools to help you navigate your online learning experience. Make the most of what we have to offer.

  • Academic and Professional Writing
    Develop your toolkit of writing skills to meet the rigors of your graduate program.

  • Funding Your Graduate Education
    Learn different strategies to obtain funding and maximize your resources.

  • Meet Your Support Team: Nuts and Bolts
    Get familiar with the policies and procedures you'll need on your path to graduation.

  • Graduate Advisors
    Learn how your graduate advisors can assist in your success at SJSU.

  • Research and Innovation
    The Research and Innovation Division works with the entire campus to seek internal and external support for student and faculty research, scholarship and creative activity (RSCA). Learn what they can do for you!

  • Using the Martin Luther King Jr. Library
    The library is your go-to research partner. Find out how best to utilize this comprehensive resource.

  • Diversity and Inclusion
    SJSU is a rich, multicultural environment dedicated to inclusion and social justice. Find out how to become an active member of our community.

  • Graduate Mental Health: Tips for Thriving
    Combat the stressors of graduate life and gain practical techniques for building resilience, life balance, mindfulness and wellness.
  • Career Development
    Explore the wide array of services available to you through the Career Center.