Graduate Equity Fellowship

The Graduate Equity Fellowship is now closed for the 2020-2021 season.  Please check back in March of 2021 when we expect it to reopen.


This program seeks to encourage and assist economically disadvantaged students in the pursuit and completion of their master’s degree programs.  It acknowledges students who have success in overcoming financial barriers to their education, and helps them to complete their program more quickly by minimizing their debt burden.  The program also promotes opportunities for faculty mentoring.  We seek a diverse group of applicants.

Graduate Equity Fellowship awards are $4,000 per year to graduate students enrolled at SJSU for the Fall/Spring 2020-2021 academic year.  Students must be enrolled in both academic terms and complete a minimum of 6 units in each. These 12 units must appear on the master's candidacy form. Coursework used to complete program prerequisites will not fulfill this enrollment requirement.  Credential students are not eligible.

Please see links to the program's elibility requirements, application guidelines, and the application, below.  If you have any questions concerning this scholarship opportunity, please contact Cheryl Cowan at

Eligibility Requirements

Application Guidelines


Pointers for a Strong Application

Notification of Award and Disbursement

Finding a Mentor