Notification of Award and Disbursement

Notification of awards will be sent no later than September 2, 2019 via email
to the address provided in the application. If an award is made, the
Financial Aid and Scholarship Office will place a fee deferral in the student
record until the funds are made available. Half of the awarded funds are
disbursed in the Fall semester, and half of the funds are disbursed in the
Spring semester after recipients confirm their grades, their current schedule,
and submit a letter of progress toward degree from their mentor.

Every effort is made to send award notification letters to students as soon as
a determination is made regarding the winners; however, the actual funding
for the fellowship is normally disbursed in October. Please note that the
award of the Graduate Equity Fellowship may adjust or reduce other forms
of aid in your financial aid package. If you have any questions about your
financial aid package, please contact the Financial Aid and Scholarship