Program Description

If you are selected as a California Pre-Doctoral Program Scholar, you will receive:

An award of $3,000 for:

  • Visits to doctoral-granting institutions in the continental United States
  • Attending or presenting research at professional conferences
  • Journal subscriptions in your field or membership fees to professional organizations
  • Graduate school application fees, GRE or other graduate exam preparation course or registration fees

Each Pre-Doctoral Scholar is eligible to apply for:

  • A fully-funded summer research experience with a faculty member of their choosing in their discipline at an accredited Ph.D.-granting university in the continental United States as outlined below.

Summer Research Experience

In the Fall semester, the California Pre-Doctoral Program Director invites Pre-Doctoral Scholars to apply for a Summer Research Experience to take place in the summer following the Pre-Doctoral year. Applications for the Summer Research Experience are due in early Spring.

Applications will identify faculty with whom the scholar wants to work at accredited Ph.D.-granting institutions in the continental United States, and articulate what the Scholar hopes to gain from the research experience.

Once approved for a Summer Research Experience, the scholar submits the cost of travel to the approved campus and, if the campus is out of the area, the cost of housing for the term of the Summer Research Experience. In addition to funding for approved housing and travel expenses, the Scholar will receive a food allowance and a living stipend.

The application for the Summer Research Experience must be approved and signed by the Faculty Sponsor.