Continuous Enrollment Guidelines

University Studies 1290R and Departmental 1290R: Continuous Enrollment Guidelines in outline format (4/2018):

  • The 1290R cannot be taken in conjunction with other courses. Because of this, students eligible for the 1290R receive a message from the Registrar immediately after the last day to add courses.  Enrollment appointments open in their MySJSU accounts at this time. Effective with the Fall 2018 semester, University Policy S17-5, “Required Enrollment for Culminating Graduate Students” now applies to all graduate students. 
  • The 1290R is a 1-unit Special Session course that allows for continuous enrollment after a graduate student has completed all required program coursework but not the thesis, dissertation, project, comprehensive exam or other culminating experience.
  • Students enroll in the 1290R after being given an appointment in MySJSU. Appointments open automatically for students with a grade of “RP” (Report in Progress), graduation date filed for the current semester or later, and no other courses.
  • Appointments for students whose culminating experience does not have an RP course open after their graduate advisor submits a list of student names, ID and contact information to the Associate Dean of Graduate Studies. (Note: This process is under review.)
  • The Associate Dean of Graduate Studies schedules all 1290R courses and serves as instructor of record. The sole grade awarded to the 1290R is CR. 
  • Students enroll in the 1290R after being given an appointment in their MySJSU accounts. Appointments are generated automatically in the presence of the following five conditions:

(1) Graduate student status

(2) "RP" grade issued in Spring 2012 or thereafter for a thesis or project course;

(3) Enrolled in no other courses for the current term;

(4) Completion of all degree requirements other than thesis, dissertation, project, comprehensive examination, or other program culminating experience; and

(5) A graduation date filed for the current semester or later; and 


Note: If students have the "RP", a filed graduation date in the current or future semester, and do not enroll in other courses, they will be eligible for enrollment in UNVS 1290R or Departmental 1290R.  The Registrar's Office determines the students who are eligible and will notify the students via MySJSU message.  Contact Graduate Studies should an appointment not open within two weeks after the Last Day to Add Courses. 


  • Appointments for students in programs without Graduate advisors request these appointments from the AD Graduate Studies
  • International students are advised to register as soon as their appointments open to maintain their F1 and J1 visa status. 
  • International students enrolled in the 1-unit 1290R will maintain their F1 and J1 visa status. Please contact International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) for more information.
  • Domestic students should register as soon as possible and will have until the last day of instruction to do so. 
  • The AD Graduate Studies is the instructor of record for all 1290R courses and assists students who do not meet criteria for automatic appointments but who need the 1290R for completing the thesis, dissertation, project, comprehensive exam or other culminating experience
  • Graduate students in “RP” status cannot apply for Leave of Absence except for medical or military reasons. All others must register for the 1290R. 
  • Students can retroactively add the 1290R by completing an online Enrollment & Grade for Retroactive 1290R Requests form, available at,and payment of associated tuition and fees. Failure to register will result in a hold being put on graduation until the unit is retroactively added; a late fee will be associated with the retroactive action.