Support Graduate Students

Research involvement is crucial to the graduate student experience at SJSU across disciplines. We encourage you to support our graduate students however you can, either through a donation or the simple act of sharing a link with your network to spread the word about the meaningful projects in which our students are heavily engaged.

Environmental studies students hold a basil plant

Please review the list below to see how you can help our students progress in their research activity.

Environmental Justice Graduate Research Fund

This project is designed to raise scholarship and research funds to support Master of Science students in the Department of Environmental Studies at San Jose State University who are making a difference with their research in the arena of Environmental Justice. Funds raised for this campaign will help support scholarships, research supplies, and other expenses necessary for students to complete their research projects. These funds will allow the Department of Environmental Studies at SJSU to substantially increase our effectiveness and outreach in the realm of Environmental Justice, and they will help make our Master of Science degree accessible to a wider range of students.