Dissertation Information

Most SJSU doctoral students must complete a research-based dissertation as their culminating experience degree requirement. The dissertation must be in electronic form (pdf) and emailed to the Office of Graduate Studies. Upon approval by your doctoral dissertation committee, your dissertation manuscript will be reviewed by our office. Graduate Studies assures that all formatting requirements for publication are met and that your dissertation meets the quality standards established by the SJSU Master’s Thesis and Doctoral Dissertation Guidelines (pdf) before the final version can be uploaded to an online ETD administrator that is used for delivering the dissertation to the external publisher, ProQuest, and the SJSU Library. The process for completing and submitting a dissertation is an intensive one that requires strict adherence to deadlines and requirements.

Preliminary Requirements and Suggestions

Doctoral students submitting their dissertation to Graduate Studies are expected to have applied for graduation and completed all necessary steps towards completion of their degree. The dissertation must be submitted for review to Graduate Studies in the semester that you intend to graduate.

Reviewing the procedures and the SJSU Master’s Thesis and Doctoral Dissertation Guidelines (pdf) in advance can save time and help avoid stress and delays in graduation, especially for candidates who are completing their dissertation, moving, and/or applying for or beginning new jobs at the same time. The most important thing you can do to make the dissertation process go smoothly is to take the time as soon as possible to learn about requirements, mark deadlines on your calendar, and be realistic about the amount of time you will need.