Submit Your Thesis or Dissertation

All documents should be emailed to CGS at the same time. The file size of the completed document must not be so large that it will be impossible to open the document. Gmail sets a 25 mb limit to attachments. You may send a reduced-size pdf if necessary.

The following documents, saved and labeled exactly as indicated below, must be included in the email submission to CGS:

  • One PDF of the thesis or dissertation labeled last name_first name_thesis

  • One PDF of the Thesis/Dissertation Information Packet labeled last name_first name_packet

  • If applicable (see the Policies section of the Thesis Guidelines for details on IRB and IACUC requirements), one PDF of the IRB or IACUC approval letter labeled last name_first name_irb (or iacuc) pdf.

  • If applicable (see the Policies section of the Thesis Guidelines for details on copyright permission), one PDF of all permissions to reproduce any copyrighted material in the thesis or dissertation, labeled last name_first name_permissions.pdf. Multiple permission letters should be scanned into one PDF document. Each permission letter must be clearly labeled at the top with the title of the corresponding item in the thesis or dissertation (e.g., Figure 1 in thesis or dissertation). This information can either be written by hand or typed or each permission letter, and multiple PDF attachments of the permission letters must not be sent. 

Include any additional supplementary files as “in pocket” material. Supplementary files are usually multimedia files such as audio or videos files. The file types may vary. If supplementary files are provided, a description of them should be included in the body of the email.

There is no need to provide a special message in the body of the email, except in the following two cases.

  1. If departmental guidelines were used as the style guide, include a link to those guidelines in the body of the email.

  2. If a journal format was used, include a link to the Instructions for Authors and a sample article from the journal, including the Literature Cited section of the article.

All submissions should be emailed at the same time to Do not email submissions to any College of Graduate Studies staff members. Do not submit more than once, with approval to do so from CGS ( Shortly after submission, you will receive a confirmation email.