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ChAD Virtual Office Hours

Tuesdays and Thursdays 11-12pm

Join from PC, Mac, iOS or Android: https://tinyurl.com/ChADOfficeHours

Unable to make it and have questions, please email us: childdev@sjsu.edu





ChAD offers excellent advisement to current ChAD students and those who are interested in joining our program. Our advising is designed to help students develop and follow a plan for completing their course requirements.

If you are a declared ChAD major, please see Terry O’Donnell-Johnson or Laura Pirazzi, our ChAD Undergraduate Major Advisors. They can assist you with concerns, questions and completion of forms related to:

  • Declaration of ChAD major (visit ChAD Admissions)
  • Change of major within ChAD (visit ChAD Admissions)
  • Evaluation of transfer credit
  • Application for graduation, including the completion of the Graduation form
  • Graduation worksheet
  • Advisement regarding outstanding requirements
  • California Promise Group student advising

Make an appointment to meet with Terry or Laura using Spartan Connect

Have a quick question? You can also email the advisors:


If you are NOT a ChAD major, please see an Academic Advisor at the Lurie College Student Success Center. The advisor at the Student Success Center can assist you with concerns, quesitons and completion of forms related to:

  • Course registration and General Education (GE) requirements
  • Petitions related to semester withdraw, disqualifications or SJSU Studies under 60 units
  • Academic probation
  • Education plans for student members in EOP and California Promise


If you have general questions or need to drop off a form for signature, please visit the ChAD office to see Jessica Ruiz, the ChAD Records Specialist. Jessica can also assist you with concerns, questions and completion of forms related to:

  • Add/Change of Major/Minor form
  • Minor Form- Graduation
  • Course Substitution Form
  • Graduation Date Change Form 
  • Copy of Major Plan Form
  • SJSU Campus Petitions

Drop-in hours available Monday - Thursday, 8:30am-1:30pm

Have a quick question? Email Jessica at jessica.ruiz@sjsu.edu


How often should you see an advisor?

Students who are majoring in ChAD should meet with an advisor as soon as possible after entering SJSU or at the latest, during their first semester as a junior at SJSU. Additionally, after completing 85 units, students should meet with an advisor to apply for graduation.


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