ChAD Club

Leadership team

Welcome to the ChAD Club!

It's a very good idea to join clubs and get involved with the wide range of people and extracurricular activities at the University. In the Department of Child & Adolescent Development, there is a student-run club open to any interested students, alumni, and faculty. The ChAD Club has a bulletin board outside SH 201 where information about activities is posted. Visit the ChAD Club Facebook page where additional information is posted and discussions take place.

ChAD Club Announcements

Students who are interested in participating in the ChAD Club can keep up with club activities and news by checking the ChAD Club Facebook page frequently.

If there are activities that you think might interest or benefit the ChAD Club members -- bring your ideas to a meeting! You may know of local events, (i.e., speakers, exhibits), resources, or potential service projects related to child and adolescent development. Your ideas can energize the newer ChAD Club members, and give them activities to plan too. You can always get on the agenda for a ChAD Club meeting or send material to the officers.


Watch the ChAD Club Facebook page and the bulletin board outside SH 201 for announcements.

Want more information?

Students who are unable to attend meetings, but are still interested in participating in the ChAD Club, should leave their names and contact information in the ChAD Club mailbox in SH 201. And don't forget to join the ChAD Club Facebook page!