Service Learning


Service Learning

The ChAD major provides a well-rounded curriculum that incorporates theory, research, policy and practice. In collaboration with our community partners, students gain interactive experience working with children, youth and families as well as with the organizations that serve them. These opportunities to see how their learning applies to real world settings is highly valued throughout the ChAD curriculum. 

Service-learning & fieldwork are woven throughout our curriculum. Current and upcoming courses include:

  • ChAD 60 Child Development - 20 hours, open to multiple partners, ~200-400 students per semester
  • ChAD 149 Child Health & Physical Activity - 10 hours, open to multiple partners, ~ 80 students per semester
  • ChAD 152 Development of Communicative Competence - 15-20 hours in either Head Start, ~90-120 students per semester
  • ChAD 151 Developing Literacy in a Diverse Society - 20 hours with Reading Partners, ~ 60 students per semester
  • ChAD 157 Adult Supervision in Programs Serving Children, Youth and Families - starting Fall 2021! We will be looking for partners from community-based organizations!


ChAD Practica

Every ChAD senior also takes a practicum course in which they spend 5 hours per week in a professional setting:

  • ChAD 158 Community-Based Organizations Serving Children and Youth
  • ChAD 159 K-8 Public School Classrooms
  • ChAD 160 ChAD Early Childhood Infant/Toddler and PreSchool Labs 


SJSU ChAD Service Learning Partners


Students describe how service learning has impacted them

"The most important impact of my fieldwork was creating a mentor relationship with my mentee. I like being the person that someone looks up to for advice and as someone who is there for them."

"The most important impact my experience had on me was that I gained better social skills. I was able to apply and strengthen leadership skills. I also worked with a lot of different children, so I learned how to work better with them."

"It humbled me and helped me to realize that people come from many different backgrounds. It gave me more insight to different cultures and backgrounds."

"This experience made me take leadership and allowed me to work not only with children but with parents and staff which is something that I will be doing as a teacher."


Resources for Service Learning Students

  • For students under 18: When you fill out SJS4, you will be prompted to download a parent permission form. Please have your parent sign this form and either return a paper copy or scanned picture of the form to your instructor or Krissy Connell, the ChAD Community Outreach Coordinator 
  • If you are an international student or undcoumented student, you can still participated in service learning. Please contact your instructor or or Krissy Connell, the ChAD Community Outreach Coordinator for more information.
  • SJS4 Placement instructions through the Center for Community Learning and Leadership can be found here.



 SJSU ChAD Faculty Krissy Connell 





  Krissy Connell, ChAD Community Outreach       Coordinator