Roger Terrill

Roger H. Terrill

Associate Professor
Analytical Chemistry and Electrochemistry

DH 004B
(408) 924-4970
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B.A. Chemistry, University of California Santa Cruz, 1986
M.S. Chemistry, Fresno State University, 1990
Ph.D. Chemistry, University of North Carolina, 1995

Research Interests

Surface, interfacial, and thin film chemistry.

Selected Publications

  • "Surface Plasmon Spectra of Silver and Gold Nanoparticle Assemblies" Christopher Hoff and Roger Terrill Dekker Encyclopedia of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Third Edition, edited by Sergey Edward Lyshevski. Taylor and Francis, 2013
  • "Preparation and electrochemistry of a pyrene-linked iron terpyridine and its anodic redox polymer" Hsiao-Chu Lin, Daniel A. Straus, Victoria Anne Johnson, Jia E. Lu, Louise Lopez, and Roger Terrill. Electrochimica Acta 2012, 62, 140-146.
  • "Electrochemical Mapping for Polymer Chemical and Physical Gradients" Roger Terrill, Xuejun Wang, and Paul W. Bohn. Invited chapter submission, published in "Soft Matter Gradient Surfaces: Methods and Applications" John Wiley and Associates, Jan Genzer ed., Spring 2010.
  • "Preparation and analysis of Eu3+- and Eu2+-doped ZBLAN and ZBLALi fluorozirconate glasses" Bruce Phebus, Boris Getman, Shane Kiley, David Rauser, Mischa Plesha and Roger H. Terrill. Solid State Ionics 2005, 35-36, 2631-2638.
  • “High Sensitivity NO2 Detection with Carbon Nanotube-Gold Nanoparticle Composite Films” Philip Young, Yijiang Lu, Roger Terrill and Jing Li.  Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 2005, 5, 1509-1513.
  • "Surface Plasmon Spectra of Silver and Gold Nanoparticle Assemblies" Mondona Zangeneh and Roger Terrill. Dekker Encyclopedia of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Marcel Dekker Inc. 2004 ISBN: 0-8247-4797-6.