Annalise Van Wyngarden

Annalise Van Wyngarden

Associate Professor
Physical and Atmospheric Chemistry

DH 002
(408) 924-5282
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B.A. Spanish, Hope College, Holland, Michigan, 2000
B.S. Chemistry, Hope College, Holland, Michigan, 2000 
Ph.D. Chemistry, University of California Berkeley, 2006
Postdoctoral Fellow, NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, California, 2006 - 2009

Research Interests

Formation and optical properties of organic coatings on atmospheric aerosols, chemical transformations and photochemistry in aerosols.

Selected Publications

  • K. A. Mar, A. L. Van Wyngarden, C.-W. Liang, Y. T. Lee, J. J. Lin, and K. A. Boering. “A crossed beam study of 18O(3P) + NO2 and 18O(1D) + NO2: Isotope exchange and O2 + NO formation channels,” Journal of Chemical Physics 137, 044302, DOI: 10.1063/1.4736567, 2012.
  • A. L. Van Wyngarden, K. A. Mar, K. A. Boering, J. J. Lin, Y. T. Lee, S. Y. Lin, H. Guo, and G. Lendvay. “Non-statistical Behavior of Reactive Scattering in the 18O + 32O2 Isotope Exchange Reaction,” Journal of the American Chemical Society 129 (10): 2866-2870, 2007.
  • M. J. Perri, A. L. Van Wyngarden, J. J. Lin, Y. T. Lee, K. A. Boering. “ Energy dependence of oxygen isotope exchange and quenching in the O( 1D) + CO 2 reaction: A crossed molecular beam study,” Journal of Physical Chemistry A 108 (39): 7995-8001, 2004.
  • M. J. Perri, A. L. Van Wyngarden, K. A. Boering, J. J. Lin, Y. T. Lee. “ Dynamics of the O( 1D) + CO 2 oxygen isotope exchange reaction,” Journal of Chemical Physics 119 (16): 8213-8216, 2003.
  • S. Van den Berghe, M. Verwerft, J. P. Laval, B. Gaudreau, P. G. Allen, A. Van Wyngarden.“The local uranium environment in cesium uranates: A combined XPS, XAS, XRD, and neutron diffraction analysis,” Journal of Solid State Chemistry 166 (2): 320-329, 2002.
  • G. F. Peaslee, D. A. Carlson, E. C. Hansen, S. S. Hendrickson, R. J. Timmer, A. L. Van Wyngarden, J. D. Wilcox. “A comparison between PIXE studies and electron microprobe studies of rocks from southern India,” Applications of Accelerators in Research and Industry: AIP Conference Proceedings 475 (1): 456-9, 1999.