Abraham Wolcott


Assistant Professor
Physical Chemistry

DH 005A
(408) 924-5449
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B.S. Chemistry, University of California Santa Cruz, 2003
Ph.D. Physical Chemistry, University of California Santa Cruz (Advisor: Prof. Jin Z. Zhang), 2009
NSF Postdoctoral Scholar, UT Austin (Advisor: Prof. Zhao Yang Zhu), 2009-2011
Joint Postdoctoral Scientist, Columbia University & Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Advisors: Profs. Jonathan S. Owen & Dirk R. Englund), 2011-2014

Research Interests

Application of nanotechnology and nanodiamonds in neurobiology.

Selected Publications

  • Wolcott, A.*; Shiros, T; Trusheim, M; Chen E.; Nordlund, D.; Diaz, R.E.; Gaathon, O.; Englund, D and Owen JS :Surface Structure of Aerobically Oxidized Diamond Nanoparticales,” Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 118 (46), pp 26695-26702, 2014
  • Wolcott, A. *; Doyeux, V.; Nelson, C.; Lei, KW.; Gearba, R.; Yager, K.; Dolocan, A.; Williams, K.; and Zhu, XY. “An Anomalously Large Polarization Effect is Mainly Responsible for Excitonic Redshifts in PbSe Quantum Dots Solids, JPC Letters, 2, 7, 795-800, 2011
  • Wolcott, A. *; Fitzmorris, R.C.; Muzaffery, O.S.; and Zhang, J.Z. “Combustion Driven Synthesis of CdSe nanorods at Elevated Temperature and Low Pressure,” Chemistry of Materialas, 22, 9, 2814-2821, 2010
  • Wolcott, A. *; Smith, W.; Kuykendall, TR.; Grant, CD.; Yiping, Z. and Zhang JZ.; “Photoelectrochemical study of ZnO Thin Films for Hydrogen Production” Advanced Function Materials, 19, 12, 1849-1856, 2009
  • Wolcott, A. *; Smith, A.; Kuykendall, TR.; Yiping, Z. and Zhang JZ.; “Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting Using Dense TiO2 Nanorod Array” Small, 5, 1, 104-1111, 2009
  • Yang, X.; Wolcott, A.*; Wang, G.M.; Sobo, A.; Fitzmorris, W.C.; Zhang, J.Z. and Li, Y. “Nitrogen-Doped ZnO Nanowire Arrays for Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting,” Nano Letters, 9,6, 2331-2336, 2009
  • Wolcott, A.*; Gerion, D.; Visconte, M.; Sun, J.; Schwartzberg, A.M.’ Chen, S.W.; Zhang, J.Z., Siliza Coated CdTe Quantum Dots Functionalized with Thiols for Bioconjugation to IgG Proteins. Journal of Physical Chemistry b, 110, 5779-5789, 2006