Chemical Biology

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Lionel Cheruzel

Bioinorganic and Inorganic Chemistry and Biochemistry

DH 281
(408) 924-5283
Cheruzel Group Page

Development of hybrid enzymes as bioctalysts for hydroxylation of organic substrates using light and water. Molecular imprinted polymers.


Daryl Eggers

Biochemistry and Biophysical Chemistry

DH 604
(408) 924-4960
Eggers Group Page

Crowding and hydration effects on macromolecular structure.


Brooke Lustig

Adjunct Professor in Biomedical, Chemical, and Materials Engineering
Computational Biochemistry

DH 417
(408) 924-4968
Lustig Group Page

Computational/theoretical methods to characterize entropy and related effects in proteins and RNA; drug design that includes potential anti-HIV agents.


Laura Miller Conrad

Assistant Professor
Chemical Biology, Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry

DH 608
(408) 924-4957
Miller Conrad Group Page

Synthesis and investigation of anti-quorum sensing and anti-virulence compounds in bacteria.


Gilles Muller

Inorganic Chemistry and Chemical Biology

DH 412A
(408) 924-2632
Muller Group Page

Lanthanides, complexes, circularly polarized luminescence, chirality, thermodynamics, and spectroscopy.


Alberto A. Rascón, Jr.

Associate Professor

DH 612
(408) 924-4969

Biochemistry, Bacterial Protein Expression, Protein/Enzyme Purification and Isolation Techniques, Mosquito Midgut Proteases, Proteolytic Enzymes, Inhibitors, and Enzyme Kinetics.


Ningkun Wang

Assistant Professor
Biochemistry and Chemical Biology

B.S. Biochemistry, University of Utah, 2008
Ph.D. Biochemistry, University of Michigan, 2013

DH 607
(408) 924-4955
Wang Group Page

Protein conformational dynamics, protein-protein interactions, enzyme specificty.