Physical Chemistry

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Daryl Eggers

Biochemistry and Biophysical Chemistry

DH 604
(408) 924-4960
Eggers Group Page

Crowding and hydration effects on macromolecular structure.


Nicholas Esker

Assistant Professor
Physical Chemistry

B.A. Liberal Arts & Sciences, Florida Atlantic University, 2010
Ph.D. Chemistry,  UC Berkeley, 2016

DH 501
(408) 924-4950 

Nuclear reaction and decay spectroscopy in isotopes far from stability, superheavy element synthesis, thin film preparations for nuclear targetry, nuclear & radiochemistry

Gianmarc Grazioli 

Gianmarc Grazioli

Assistant Professor
Computational Chemistry

Molecular dynamics simulations, coarse-grained modeling, cheminformatics, conformational dynamics of macromolecules, self-assembly, network modeling, signal processing, and artificial intelligence


Bradley Stone

Chemical Physics

DH 412A
(408) 924-4938
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Chemical physics, molecular spectroscopy, laser-induced fluorescence, and molecular astrophysics. Detection of complex organic molecules in the interstellar medium. Computational studies of fluid flow in microfluidic channels. Experimental simulations of aerosol formation in planetary atmospheres.


Annalise Van Wyngarden

Associate Professor
Physical, Atmospheric and Analytical Chemistry

DH 002
(408) 924-5282
Van Wyngarden Group Page

Effects of organic chemistry on the climate-changing properties of atmospheric aerosols. Formation and optical properties of organic coatings on atmospheric aerosols (especially in the upper troposphere and lower stratosphere). Chemical transformations in aerosols during cloud formation and evaporation. Photochemistry of organics in aerosols.


Abraham Wolcott

Assistant Professor
Physical Chemistry

DH 005A
(408) 924-5449
Wolcott Group Page

Application of nanotechnology and nanodiamonds in neurobiology.