Department of Chemistry Seminars - Fall 2011

  All seminars are in Duncan Hall 135 on Tuesdays at 4:30 PM unless otherwise noted.
September 13, 2011

Prof. Amelia Fuller

Santa Clara University

"Chemical Tools to Examine Peptoid Structure"

September 20, 2011

Prof. Anthony W. Czarnik

University of Nevada, Reno

"Deuterated Drugs (and how to make money from them when Big Pharma doubts it can be done)."

September 27, 2011

Kate Comstock

Strategic Marketing Specialist, Metabolism and Metabolomics Scientific Instruments, Thermo Scientific

“Impurity, Leachable & Extractable Analysis Overview.  The impurity,  Leachable & Extractable related to  medicine and medical devices”

October 10, 2011

Prof. Krish Krishnan

California State University, Fresno

“Functional Dynamics of Intrinsically Disordered Proteins”

November 1, 2011

Prof. Andrew Ichimura

San Francisco State University

“Direct synthesis of {001} oriented anatase (TiO2)  films for photooxidation, electrodes, and dye sensitized solar cells”.

Novemeber 08, 2011

Prof. Jim Rego

California State University, Pomona

“Unconventional applications of liquid crystals”.

November 29, 2011

Dr. Theodore Sana


“Advances in discovery metabolomics software facilitates improved compound identification and pathway interpretation.”

December 06, 2011

Prof. Cindy Larive

University of California, Riverside

“Finding a Needle in a Haystack: Improving Methods for Heparin Characterization”.