Health Professions Advising

Advising with Hugo Mora-Torres

*For College of Health and Human Sciences Majors ONLY*

Preparing for graduate school or the health field can be confusing and complicated, so we offer Health Professions Advising here at the CHHS SSC to assist our students with planning their future. Our Health Professions Advising expert, Hugo Mora-Torres, is ready to help you navigate these and other questions. We can assist with:

  • Health career advising & graduate school planning (e.g. occupational therapy, physical therapy, physician's assistant)
  • How to incorporate major courses into career prerequisites
  • Application workshops
  • Internship and Research Opportunities

Spring 2021 Health Professions Workshops are now announced! Check out our Current Events and Workshops page for more information.

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How to Contact Hugo

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If so, call our Student Success Center at 408-924-2910 from 9am to 1pm or 408-924-8601 from 1pm to 5pm to make an appointment to meet with Hugo!