Probation, Disqualification, and Reinstatement


Our main goal at the CHHS Student Success Center is to help students be academically successful. Students that drop below a 2.0 cumulative GPA are put on probation by the university, and we work closely with those students to help them raise their GPA back up to good standing with the university. Our probation program focuses on time management and study skills,  having  our Peer Assistants meeting weekly with probation students to help develop the necessary skillset of a successful student. Our probation program also gives workshops to students on probation to help them identify and develop their particular learning skills and strategies. Probation students are also placed in a follow-up program after completing the required probation protocols to make sure they don't slip back into poor academic standing.


Students on Academic Probation are subject to Academic Disqualification from SJSU if their subsequent Fall or Spring term GPA is below a 2.0. Administrative-Academic Disqualification can occur if a student is not making satisfactory progress towards degree completion regardless of their GPA. Our advisors can help students understand why they were disqualified and help them work their way back to the university through reinstatement. 


Reinstatement is a different process than Readmission. Readmission is not possible unless reinstatement has been approved, but in most situations you need to apply for readmission prior to being reinstated. Reinstatement can be complicated to figure out, so we encourage you to make an appointment with one of our advisors so we can walk you through the process and work with your particular circumstances that led to your disqualification from SJSU. Please refer to "Make an Appointment" page for information on how to make an appointment.