CHHS Identity and Strategic Plan

CHHS Identity [pdf]


The Mission of the College of Health and Human Sciences is to provide liberal and professional education and, through application, to empower graduates to be exemplary members of a diverse and global community. The College is committed to excellence in undergraduate and graduate programs and improving the quality of life for present and future generations.


The College of Health and Human Sciences is home to applied and professional disciplines serving dynamic societal needs and dedicated to promoting a healthy, ethical, and enlightened global community through innovative application of knowledge and scholarship.

Core Values

Who We Are

  • Applied in nature (exemplified by internships and active learning)
  • Community focused (all our students are active in communities)
  • Interdisciplinary

What We Do

  • Promote social justice, inclusion, and equity
  • Foster global awareness
  • Embrace innovation
  • View health holistically as wellness

Overarching Goal

The College of Health and Human Sciences seeks to address health and wellness across the lifespan and prepare globally minded public health and human sciences professionals ready to take on the greatest challenges to health and well-being.

The College of Health and Human Sciences has long viewed wellness as a complex and multifaceted construct that underpins activities at all levels. Human Sciences aims to expand our understanding of the human world through a broad interdisciplinary approach. The Wellness Model illustrates our vision for ways in which the synergy from our unified programs provides a collaborative, and innovative approach to health and human sciences, advancing a holistic, interdisciplinary approach to teaching, service, and research aimed at impacting the health and wellness of the Silicon Valley region and beyond.

Goals for the College of Health and Human Sciences

  1. Health as wellness/holism
  2. Service for the greater good
  3. Learning through doing
  4. Interdisciplinary partnerships and collaboration
  5. Agents of social change/social justice/human rights/capacity building
  6. Global education/global citizenship/global health
  7. Innovation
  8. Use cutting edge science and research to inform practice and community based intervention