Lab Policies

I. General Information [top]

The College of Applied Sciences and Arts Dean's Office manages and operates one college-wide networked student computing laboratory located in the MacQuarrie Hall (MH) Building, room MH 321. MH 321 is equipped with a teaching station and 26 student stations. The Lab include stations which meet the Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines to accommodate students with disabilities.

The computer lab may be scheduled for one time single use by all faculty in the college who are teaching courses which utilize technology for curriculum delivery. The guidelines for reserving the lab are contained in section VII.


II. Computer Lab Facilities and Software Support [top]

The College of Applied Sciences and Arts Computer lab in the MacQuarrie Hall building is networked to provide Internet access. Computers are running the Microsoft Windows 7 Professional operating system. **New software installation requests should be made just prior to summer and winter breaks. The deadline for requesting new software installations is 3 weeks prior to semester start date. No software will be installed after that date or during the semester.


Software Applications in MH Lab:

  1. Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus
    • Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Publisher, Picture Manager, Photo Editor
  2. IBM SPSS Version 22 for Windows
  3. Adobe Creative Cloud Suite
  4. Internet Browsers
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer
    • Mozilla Firefox
    • Google Chrome
  5. Java, MS Silverlight, Adobe Flash Player

III. Workstation Access [top]

All college faculty teaching a course in the MH lab automatically have workstation access in the lab. All students enrolled in College of Applied Sciences and Arts courses are automatically eligible to use the college-wide computer lab.

IV. Data Storage [top]

All faculty and students are responsible for saving their own data to an external device or cloud service. There is a small volume on each lab hard drive for temporary
data storage. This is the T: drive on each machine. This area is routinely wiped of data every few days but can be used to save data for a very short period of time until an alternate area is found external to the lab computer.

V. Printer, Scanner, and Projection Equipment [top]

The MH lab contains an HP laserjet printer. The printer can be accessed by each computer workstation in the respective lab.

Students will not have access to the video projection equipment in the labs without arrangements made in advance with the course faculty instructor.

The video overhead projector in the lab is networked and ready for instructional use.

VI. Scheduling Courses in the Laboratories [top]

One computer lab is available for CASA class use: MH 321.

  • MH 321 is reserved primarily for the use of CASA lab classes that have a specific need for individual computer use for the students in the class.
  • Requests for lab use cannot be made more than two weeks prior to the start of the University’s class scheduling process
  • Lecture classes requesting intermittent or occasional lab use will be allocated time in CASA computer lab as space is available and after the scheduling of all official lab classes and when computers are needed in-class for student use.  Requests may be submitted at any time during the semester and will be filled on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • Priority is given to official lab classes scheduled for the whole semester; single use requests will be considered after official lab classes have been scheduled and when computers are needed in-class for student use.  Requests for the spring semester should be submitted no sooner than September 1st and requests for the fall semester should be submitted no sooner than April 1st.  These requests will be filled on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • The lab can also be scheduled for the administration of standardized testing; however, priority will be given to CASA classes.
  • During final examination week, classes will only be scheduled into the lab per the official final examination schedule published in the Schedule of Classes.
  • Within the above stated policies, the lab will be allocated on a first come-first-served basis.

To schedule time in the lab you must fill out and submit the online CASA Reservation form. The submitted form is received and reviewed by Joanne Delamar in the Dean's Office. You will receive a response from Joanne when she has processed your request.

Effective date: December 15, 2013

VII. Computer Lab Room Security [top]

Security is managed with an Omnilock keyless entry system. Entry into the computer labs requires a Tower Card issued by the University. Each entry to the labs is logged when a Tower Card is used in the lock. Each entry made to the labs can be easily traced to a person by the Tower Card used.

Faculty and staff must submit their 9 digit Tower Card number plus the 2 digits following that number from the front of the card to CASA Technical Support to facilitate the programing of the locks. Email this information to CASA Technical support at A minimum of 24 hours lead-time prior to the first class meeting is needed for the locks to be programmed. Please plan accordingly.

Teaching assistants may be granted access to the lab upon receipt of their Tower Card information and written request for lab access from supervising faculty to CASA Technical Support Staff. Faculty are responsible for ensuring compliance with lab policy and procedures while Teaching Assistants use the lab.

To prevent theft, faculty and Teaching Asisstants should not leave the lab unattended. Also, it is critical to ensure the door is closed and locked securely, and that no-one is remaining in the lab before leaving.

Students will not be given unsupervised access to the computer lab.