Lab Rules

Policies and Rules governing use of the College of Health and Human Sciences computer resources.

All computer systems in the college lab and all files contained on them are the property of the College of Health and Human Sciences at San Jose State University. All use of these computer systems may be monitored. The college reserves the right to suspend or remove any account for violations of stated policies.

The computer systems of the College of Applied Sciences and Arts are to be used for purposes directly related to the instructional and research missions of the University only.

Ethics of Computer Use

All users of college lab computing systems are expected to abide by a standard of conduct consistent with the University code of ethics. Conduct in violation of the letter and spirit of this code can result in loss of lab access and referral to the appropriate disciplinary body. Among the types of behavior that are considered inconsistent with the code of ethics are:

Attempts to violate another user's privacy by accessing their files without permission.
Deliberate attempts to break into, deny service to, and cause to crash or 'hang' any computer system. 
Intentional introduction of a computer virus, worm, or Trojan Horse. 
Use of a computer system to harass another individual. 
This list should not be considered as exhaustive, but merely representative of the types of behavior deemed inconsistent with the expected ethical conduct of our users.

Lab Rules

  • No food or drink in the lab.
  • No software piracy. Commercial software on the network is the property of the University and cannot be copied. Any violation of this rule will be turned over to University Police for investigation.
  • You may not load commercial software, shareware, or freeware onto the network.
  • You may not modify or alter any hardware, software, or firmware settings on the computers in the lab.
  • Students cannot be in the lab unless accompanied by an instructor, teaching assistant, or lab monitor. An instructor, teaching assistant, and/or lab monitor must be physically present in the lab.
  • The college technical support staff will make every effort to ensure network integrity; however, students alone are responsible for saving all of their data to an external device or cloud service.
  • No games allowed.

College Rules and Policies

The Dean of the College of Health and Human Sciences is the person responsible for the work done by the technical staff. Individual faculty may request service via e-mail to The technical support staff will respond as soon as possible to all service requests. 
The college Information Technology Consultant has the authority to terminate any program that is seriously degrading system performance or causing loss of service(s).
Lab users should backup their own particularly important files themselves. 
Any equipment assigned to any college labs is not available for checkout. 
When a new software package is implemented, a faculty member teaching a course that will use the package should modify or create a handout providing the basic information needed to use the software. 
Members of the college technical staff cannot support any equipment (hardware or software) not owned by the college. 
Only software owned by the college will be loaded on these computers. Any software not owned by the college that is found on those computers will be deleted. 
Workstations and their peripherals belonging to the college are available for use by students only during the hours the labs are scheduled to be open and staffed by authorized lab faculty or staff. The intent is to ensure physical security of the equipment by the presence of college authorized staff.