Curriculum Committee

Curriculum reviewing courses for approval

Program proposals, curricular changes, and experimental courses are reviewed at several levels within San Jose State University. Curricular changes and revisions along with experimental courses and proposed new programs are most often initiated and reviewed at the department/school level for discipline content, integrity and need. Following department/school approval, the changes/proposal is forwarded to the college committee for review. This committee, consisting of representatives from each department/school within CHHS, reviews the proposals and makes recommendations. Other curricular changes such as new programs or changes in degrees will require additional review at the University Policy Committee of Curriculum and Research.

College Curriculum Committee Calendar 2020-2021 [pdf]

Jooyeon Ha 
Hospitality, Tourism and Event Management

Erin Siebert

Lisa Rauch

Xi Feng
Nutrition, Food Science and Packaging

Chiao-Ju Fang
Occupational Therapy

Jennifer Hartle
Public Health and Recreation

Emily Bruce
Social Work

Adriana Poo
Library Liaison

Matthew Masucci
College Rep