Curriculum Committee

Curriculum reviewing courses for approval

All curricular proposals are reviewed at several levels within San Jose State University. The University requires consultation for course proposals if they impact other departments. CHHS requires consultation as described below for any program revisions or new program proposals [pdf] as the curriculum development process is complex and must be reviewed to avoid issues related to planning and financial implications. Consultation with the Associate Dean and Department Chairs/School Directors is vital. 

Major curricular changes and revisions along with experimental courses and proposed new programs are most often initiated and reviewed at the department/school level for discipline content, integrity and need. Following department/school approval, the changes/proposal is forwarded to the college committee for review. This committee, consisting of representatives from each department/school within CHHS, reviews the proposals and makes recommendations. Other curricular changes such as new programs or changes in degrees will require additional review at the University Policy Committee of Curriculum and Research.

Course Modifications (formerly called minor course changes) are reviewed only by the Associate Dean and forwarded to the Office of Curriculum. Most commonly, these are changes of course number, title, or description. Unless a change in course description and title is so removed from the current description and title that it is truly a new course, you can submit proposals for any changes or modifications to existing courses.

Finding and Submitting Forms

Forms are available in Curriculog.

All materials to be considered by the College Curriculum Committee for review must be submitted via Curriculog at least ten (10) days prior to the monthly meetings in time for the deadline set by the Curriculum Committee Annual Calendar.

College Curriculum Committee Calendar 2021-2022 [pdf]


After department curriculum committees and chairs/school directors review and recommend proposed curriculum for approval, the proposals are reviewed at the college and university review. These deadlines are established with lead times for new courses and degree changes to appear in the Schedule of Classes or SJSU Academic Catalog, or if they need to be routed to the Chancellor's office for final approval. Curriculum proposers should refer to the University Deadlines for guidance on the timing of their intended curriculum proposals. 

For additional guidelines, departments can refer to the checklist below to ensure accuracy. All curriculum proposals must comprise the materials enumerated below, if applicable. 

CHHS Checklist for Departmental Curriculum Submissions 

Curriculum Committee Department Representatives

Erin Siebert - Co-Chair

Lisa Rauch

Xi Feng
Nutrition, Food Science and Packaging

Chiao-Ju Fang
Occupational Therapy

Jennifer Hartle - Co-Chair
Public Health and Recreation

Emily Bruce
Social Work

Adriana Poo
Library Liaison

Matthew Masucci
Associate Dean