Retention, Tenure and Promotion (RTP) Committee

Retention, Tenure and Promotion (RTP) Committee members

Only faculty at the rank of Professor can serve on the College RTP committee.

All tenure track faculty are expected to submit a dossier identifying professional accomplishments during a specified period. The review process includes departmental review along with review at the college and university level. University Policies S15-7, S15-8, F15-1, F15-2 identify the timing and processes for retention, tenure and promotion. Eligible faculty from each department/school are elected to serve on the college level committee to review the dossier and make recommendations to the faculty member. The dossier is then reviewed at the university level. The University RTP committee is comprised of an elected faculty member, at the rank of Professor from each college. To be eligible to serve on the University RTP committee, the faculty member must have prior experience serving at the college RTP committee.

June McCullough

Alessandro De Giorgi
Justice Studies

Bethany Shifflett

Deepika Goyal

Lynne Andonian
Occupational Therapy

Sang Lee
Social Work

Amy D'Andrade