Faculty RSCA Assigned Time Program

The RSCA Reassigned Time Program is designed to support Research, Scholarship, or Creative Activities (RSCA) productivity. The program supports tenure-track (probationary) and tenured faculty in the form of up to three weighted units of assigned time per semester.  (See document on Changes/Clarifications for Cycle 3: S20 Applications for AY 2020-21 Awards for information about the duration of the award, reviews, reporting requirements, and other program details).

Application materials will be submitted to Laurie Drabble, Interim Associate Dean for Research and Faculty by email: laurie.drabble@sjsu.edu.  Please also copy Joanne Delamar, Executive Assistant to the Dean: joanne.delamar@sjsu.edu.  Please feel free to contact Laurie Drabble (at the email above) if you have any questions.

Applications will be due by April 10, 2020.

The Dean will recommend which eligible faculty members are to receive assigned time through the Faculty RSCA Assigned Time program for AY 2020-2021. Applications will be reviewed by a college committee (with Associate Dean and faculty representation), using the evaluation rubric (on this page), to generate preliminary recommendations for the Dean. The final decision of which eligible faculty will receive assigned time through the Faculty RSCA Assigned Time program will be made by the Vice President of Research and Innovation (VPRI) in consultation with the Provost, weighing the Dean’s recommendations.  The VPRI and Provost may, at their discretion, review the Dean’s recommendations and process to assure that the selected faculty members’ RSCA productivity meet university-wide standards.

Application materials