CHHS Faculty-Led Programs

    Summer 2019

CHHS Faculty-Led Programs (FLPs) are overseas SJSU courses taught by SJSU faculty from the College of Health and Human Sciences. These popular courses are the best ways to earn SJSU academic credit and gain international experience. Some FLP courses meet general education requirements.

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2020 Summer Program List


Arizona Ecuador Finland: Eternal Sun and Creative Fun

Arizona: SCWK 180

Ecuador: OCTH 210ITL

Finland:OCTH 210ITL

Grenada: Health Partnerships in Action Italy: Seaside in Sorrento Northern Ireland

Grenada: NURS 148AI

Italy: NUFS 144, NUFS 139

Northern Ireland: KIN 111ITL

Rwanda Bahamas South Korea: The Land of the Morning Calm

Rwanda: KIN 111ITL

Scotland: FS 160, JS 180

South Korea: KIN 54A, KIN 54B, KIN 180

Spain: A Taste of Spain Bahamas a lady pouring tea

Spain & France: NUFS 144

Switzerland: DsGN 183 (NUFS Major)

Taiwan: OCTH 210ITL

Vietnam: Everyday Occupations from Saigon to Hoi An    

Vietnam: OCTH 210ITL





2020 Winter Program List




Costa Rica: Pura Vida, Costa Rica India: Bridging Cultures Spain: A Taste of Spain

Costa Rica: KIN 63A, KIN 63B

India: NURS 110ITL, NURS 180

Spain: NUFS 144

Vietnam   Applying FAQs

Vietnam: KIN 111, KIN 37