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General FAQs

What is a CHHS Faculty-Led Study Abroad Program?

Faculty-Led Programs (FLP) are overseas SJSU courses taught by SJSU faculty from the College of Health and Human Sciences. FLP courses range from 3-6 units  and are typically 2-3 weeks in length during the summer or winter session. These popular courses are the best ways to earn SJSU academic credit and gain international experience. Some FLP courses meet general education requirements.

What programs are offered?

Currently, courses from Mass Communication, Recreation, Global Studies, Nursing, Nutrition, Occupational Therapy, Social Work, Kinesiology and Justice Studies are offered. Please see list for details and contact information.

What program types will satisfy the International Experience requirement?

Are there Modifications and Alternatives to the International Experience requirement?

There are several options for students who need a modification or alternative to the study abroad portion of the international experience requirement. All require submission of a petition/proposal that must be approved by the Dean of the college. Students whose petitions/proposals are approved must also enroll in and complete APSC 198ITL, a 1-unit online seminar course. Click below for more information and links to the appropriate forms.

Are CHHS FLPs open to everyone? Who is eligible to apply?

FLPs are open to all degree-seeking SJSU students who are 18 or older and have completed their freshmen year before the program start date. Graduate students are also welcome to apply and some FLPs are targeted for graduate students. Some programs may have other eligibility requirements such as GPA requirements, course prerequisites or language proficiency. Please see individual program information for more details.

Can Open University students participate in CHHS FLPs?

Non-SJSU students may also participate in FLPs. This includes SJSU alumni, students from other universities, as well as general community members. If you are in any of these categories, you can apply through SJSU Open University to enroll in an FLP. Please see the Application Process section for more details.

Do I Have to be Upper Division Standing?

Not all programs require students to be upper division standing (60 units completed). Some may require successful completion of the Writing Skills Test (WST) prior to applying for the program. Please see individual program information for more details.

Does program costs cover my stay, food, etc.?

The Program costs do not cover personal expenses but cover SJSU tuition, lodging, tours and lessons. Students are responsible for plane tickets and personal expenses.

Do we have to go to class when we’re abroad? What do we do in class?

Yes. Each program is designed as an individual summer intensive course in its specialized area. Students attend global lectures and experience the cultural aspects of their program country. Students will learn about culture, language, history and diversity in some of the most dynamic cities in the world.

Do we have free time?

Yes. Students are highly encouraged to explore and enrich their global experience.