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Are you interested in learning more about how International Experience can transform your life and education at SJSU, and make lasting impact on your pursuit of a professional career? At CHHS International Experience, we believe one of the best ways for SJSU students and parents to explore the value of study abroad with the College of Health and Human Sciences is to see the journey through the eyes of our FLP Alumni.  

Read what our FLP alumni want to share about their unique and memorable international experiences - check out our students' photos and stories.


Discover "Home Is Where The Food Is" and live the adventure with the Summer 2016 Hong Kong Faculty-Led Program!

Nisa, a student who participated in this year's Hong Kong FLP, write in Home Away from Home, "Our meal was so delicious! I definitely did not listen to my body during this meal, because I just couldn’t stop eating. We had two options for the hot pot, spicy and non-spicy. There was so many dishes to choose from I had to eat them all." Read more.




Deanna Villarreal highlights "Paris by the Numbers"

Paris, Summer 2015


Jayne Baltazar


Paris, Summer 2014

During the Health Science Department's Fall Welcome Orientation my Freshman year (2010), I remember hearing Linda Levine's speech about studying abroad in Paris for the summer, and since then, I told myself that I would.

I applied to Linda's Summer 2014 FLP. I didn't receive financial aid, and I didn't want my parents to pay for my trip; therefore, I created my own fundraiser that was a HUGE success. Macaron De Jayne helped support my study abroad trip. I baked home-made French macarons, a delicate dessert that is popular in France. After months of practice, I finally started taking orders in October 2013. As a full-time student, I had to squeeze in my orders every week, which taught me organization skills, time-management skills, and networking skills. I set a goal for myself to make $1,000 in profit each month, so that by May 2014, I would have $7,000 raised for my trip. Fortunately, I reached that goal with the help of my family, friends, and social media. Today, Macaron De Jayne continues, and I plan on opening a French macaron truck in the near future

Studying abroad in Paris was a life-changing experience. I think it's important to emerge yourself into a completely different culture so that you could understand how other people live. There are assumptions about French people being rude, but in reality, they are really helpful. They helped my colleagues and I find places that we needed to go to, and they helped us read text on the food menus.

There are so many things that I miss about Paris: their easy transportation system, cafes that are walking distance, the people, their food, and sunset at 9pm. I mention this experience in all of my job interviews, and it really sets me apart from others. Studying abroad was the highlight of my college career, and I strongly encourage others to participate in these opportunities before graduating!

I also made a video to highlight my experience in Paris. Thanks for watching! 


Aly Mauro

Grenada, Summer 2014

Attending a Faculty-Led Program last year granted me my first experience of being genuinely immersed in a different culture without feeling like a tourist. This program encouraged me to participate in a spectrum of activities and interactions that took my self-confidence to the next level. The conversations with locals and hands-on opportunities expanded my perspectives on health-care systems and ignited an appreciation for international partnerships. Easily the most insightful experience of my graduate school experience at SJSU! 


Chrystal Diaz

cdiazParis and Madrid, Summer 2014

I never thought that a contact in Paris would turn into one of my best networking opportunities right here in San Francisco! This faculty-led program not only opened my eyes to new experiences, people, and cultures but put me on the map for future opportunities. My current boss even said that my study abroad experience set me apart from others, and that if I could "spend a month completely out of my element and thrive, I would surely be a great asset to the team."



Check out the pictures from our FLP adventures!

  • Occupational Therapy and Valley Foundation School of Nursing Students participate in a Community Health Fair in Grenada.
  • Occupational Therapy and Valley Foundation School of Nursing students spoke to media outlets about community health care in Grenada.
  • Students in Linda Levine's "Paris: City of Cultures" class learned about culture and diversity in the city.
  • Students in 'Paris: City of Cultures' took a bicycle tour of the city during their trip in Summer 2014.
  • Valley Foundation School of Nursing and Occupational Therapy students traveled to Taiwan.
  • Journalism and public relations students traveled to Europe with Professor Matt Cabot.

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