• Membership is open to current and former San José State University faculty and staff personnel.
  • Members are self-identified Latinos.
  • Academic year dues of thirty dollars is a prerequisite to membership.

Membership Application

Download the following editable membership form (PDF).  Email or mail the completed form to the address specified. 

You can pay by check or online.  

Lifetime Membership

Members have requested a lifetime membership to the Association. The advantage of lifetime membership: a one-time payment of fees rather than yearly fees and always having membership current. Lifetime membership fee: $300.00

Life-time Members:

Elma Arredondo 
Kathy Blackmer Reyes 
Dr. George Castro 
Dr. Julia E. Curry Rodriguez 
Blanca Millan
Dr. Rosalinda Quintanar
Blanca Sanchez-Cruz