Richard ChungRichard Chung, PhD. - Department Chair - Professor of Materials Engineering
Phone: (408) 924-3927
Email: richard.chung@sjsu.edu
Office: ENGR 385E
Research interests: Product design, process design and control, green energies, semiconductor devices, failure analysis, membrane technology, biomedical devices, conductive polymers, biodegradeable /compostable materials, smart materials, water filtration, nanotechnology and nanocomposites.

KaoKaty Kao, PhD.- Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering
Phone: ( 408) 924-3827
Email: katy.kao@sjsu.edu
Office: ENGR 385K
Research interests: Dr. Kao's research focuses on genomics, systems biology and biotechnology. Her laboratory is interested in using genomic and systems biological tools to study microbial adaptation in various environments. Specifically, Kao is focusing on the use of adaptive laboratory evolution to develop microbes such as yeast and bacteria for enhanced tolerance to toxic feedstock and products and to increase product formation. Her lab utilizes omics tools in an effort to identify the cellular components responsible for the selected traits. In addition to industrial biotechnology application, she is also interested in understanding how opportunistic human fungal pathogens adapt to environmental stressors and how interactions between different species that are co-isolated impact biofilm.

OzgurÖzgür Keleş, PhD. - Assistant Professor of Materials Engineering
Phone: (408) 924-3926
Email: ozgur.keles@sjsu.edu
Office: ENGR 385F
Research interests: Additive manufacturing; Machine learning approaches for mechanics of materials; Virtual/Augmented reality for engineering education and training

Santosh, KCSantosh KC, PhD. - Assistant Professor of Materials Engineering
Phone: (408) 924-3823
Email: santosh.kc@sjsu.edu
Office: ENGR 379
Research interests: Materials theory and simulations, electronic, optoelectronic, magnetic materials, energy conversion and storage materials, nanomaterials, 2D materials.

Dr. Claire KomivesClaire Komives, PhD. - Professor of Chemical Engineering
(408) 924-4003
Email: claire.komives@sjsu.edu
Office: ENGR 385
Research interests: Process development and quantitative analysis of a low cost therapy for snakebite.

Melanie McNeilMelanie McNeil, PhD. - Professor of Chemical Engineering
Phone: (408) 924-4000
Email: melanie.mcneil@sjsu.edu
Office: ENGR 385I
Research interests: Enzyme kinetics. Membrane separation processes. Energy/water/food nexus. Thin film applications for drug delivery and photovoltaics.

DahyunDahyun Oh, PhD. - Assistant Professor of Materials Engineering
Phone: (408) 924-3197
Email: dahyun.oh@sjsu.edu
Office: ENGR 385B
Research interests: Aqueous lithium ion batteries; Porous structure development; In situ gas evolution analysis; Biomaterials driven inorganic synthesis

anandAnand Ramasubramanian, PhD. - Professor of Chemical Engineering
Phone: (408) 924-3922
Email: anand.ramasubramanian@sjsu.edu
Office: ENGR 385H
Research interests: Vascular mechanobiology; Antimicrobial drug discovery; Biofilms

Dr. Liat RosenfeldLiat Rosenfeld, PhD. - Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering
Phone: (408) 924-4051
Email: liat.rosenfeld@sjsu.edu
Office: ENGR 385G
Research interests: Microscale Transport Phenomena; Microfluidic based artificial placenta for preterm babies, Droplet Actuation on Digital Microfluidics Devices; Microfluidic based biosensorsfluids

Dr. Liat RosenfeldDavid Wagner, PhD. - Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering
Phone: (408) 924-3189
Email: david.wagner@sjsu.edu
Office: ENGR 385J
Research interests: Sustainability, Thermal Analysis, Carbon capture, Bio- and Renewable Energies, and Engineering Education