2012 Publications

by BCME Faculty and Students

(* indicates student author)

  1. Mobed-Miremadi M., Asi B.*, Parasseril J.*, Tat M.*, Wong E.*, Shan Y.*, “Comparative Diffusivity Measurements for Alginate-Based Atomized and Inkjet-Bioprinted Artificial Cells using Fluorescence Microscopy", Art. Cells, Blood Substitutes & Biotech, (2012)
  2. Tam Ngo-Duc**, Karandeep Singh, M. Meyyappan, and Michael M. Oye, "Vertical ZnO nanowire growth on metal substrates", Nanotechnology, Vol 23, 194015 (2012)
  3. S.E. Harvey, “Carbon as Conductor: A Pragmatic View”, Proceedings of the 61st International Wire and Cable Symposium, 2012, 560.
  4. Dewi Nilasari**, Nir Dover, Sabine Rech, Claire Komives (CK correspondence author);Expression of Recombinant Green Fluorescent Protein in Bacillus Methanolicus; Biotechnology Progress, 28(3), 2012,662-668.
  5. Eric A. Appel, Victor Y. Lee, Timothy T. Nguyen, Melanie McNeil, Frederik Nederberg, James L. Hedrick, William C. Swope, Julia E. Rice, Robert D. Miller, Joséph Slu, “Toward Biodegradable Nanogel Star Polymers via Organocatalytic ROP”, Chem. Commun., 48 (49), 6163 – 6165, (2012).
  6. Srinivasan, A., J.L. Lopez-Ribot, A.K. Ramasubramanian (2012), “Candida albicans Biofilm Chip (CaBChip) for high-throughput antifungal drug screening”, Journal of Visual Experimentation, 65: e3845. PMID: 22847237.