The Gary J Sbona honors program was designed as a win-win-win program for everyone involved.  The companies win because they get a much needed project completed by a highly competent and motivated group of students, at no cost to them, and they get to preview some of the best students the Lucas College of Business (LCOB) has to offer, for possible future employment.  The students win because they get real life work experience, an opportunity to apply what they have learned in the classroom, a very valuable addition to their resumes, and the opportunity to show what they can do for potential future employers.  And the LCOB wins because of the excellent work these students are doing, which has resulted in many companies looking to SJSU’s LCOB as a major college recruiting target. 

The program provides our best students with opportunities to show case their talent, while learning valuable business skills such as: ability to execute tasks, teamwork, critical thinking, flexibility, creativity, oral and written communications and problem solving.  This will make them highly desirable employment prospects.