Business Sponsors

As a project sponsor, you will get some of the best and brightest students in the Lucas Collage of Business to work as your private consultants on a project of your choice.  These students have been prescreened by the honors faculty, including verification of transcript, a written essay, their resume and a face to face interview.  The average GPA exceeds 3.5 and students have completed most of their required courses.  And, since the students are participating in the Sbona Honors Program for college course credit (practicum), there is no charge to you (although donations to the program, sponsoring an etiquette dinner or graduation ceremony, would be greatly appreciated).  As an added benefit, you can preview these students for potential future hires.

Please consider joining the list of very select companies who support our students to be better prepared for the future of global work. 

Interested in becoming a Project Sponsor? Please contact the Honors Coordinator in the concentration of interest.